Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun - The Dueck 6 in the Dominican Republic!

From March 16 to 23 the Dueck 6 celebrated the fact that God got us through this challenging last year by going for our first ever all-inclusive resort vacation in the Caribbean! We had a tremendous time, experienced many new things as a family (including snorkeling on a coral reef), had a chance to share about Christ's love with people, learn some Spanish, hear many languages from around the world, and didn't get sick, which when you are traveling with 4 kids is a really big deal!

Here are some pictures of our trip, with short explanations of all the fun we had!

Fruit Slushies in the Pool! There were two pools on the property, and lots of bars to get drinks. The kids loved just going and getting drinks whenever they wanted.

The Beachside Fruit Bar. All the mango, pineapple, watermelon and more you could eat!

Having different towel art in the room was a special treat. Lorianne and Lois learned how to make it, so if you come over to visit for night, expect a turtle or swan on the bed!

We got dressed up to go for dinner at one of the 8 restaurants each night. The food was amazing, and it was good to get dressed up!

Our second day there was St. Patrick's Day, which also happens to be Lois' Birthday! I told here this is about as good as it gets for a birthday present!

Waking on the beach to the small town of Bayahibe 10 minutes away, where we did some shopping
The ever famous "Couple photo by the leaning palm tree"!

We went on a day trip to La Romana, saw some amazing caves, did some shopping and then went to Altos De Chavon, a replicated 17th century Spanish village overlooking the Chavon River.

The food was amazing, even when you could just look at it!

But it was better when you could eat it! This was my favorite plate of the week - steak, shrimp, quail, and lamb, all from the buffet!

We all enjoyed snorkeling just off the beach of the resort. The water was clear, and the fish amazing! God is so creative in his handiwork!

The Explorers Kids club was a lot of fun for our kids. They could do everything from painting to ping pong to water games and even trampoline bungee!

We had a few "professional" shots done of the kids. It really was fun to travel with them. They are great kids, were polite and respectful to the staff, and God was gracious enough to give them some friends to play with (a girl from Germany for Lorianne, and a boy from England for the guys, as well as a Christian staff from the Explorer's Club named Claribel!). I even had a chance to share the Gospel with a mom because she wondered how it was that our kids were so well behaved - I said it was Jesus' doing, not ours!

Caleb celebrated his Birthday on our last day. He got to wear this special hat we bought down there, and we passed around a card on the plane going home and he ended with over 100 people wishing him a Happy Birthday!

I am not sure when (or more likely, if!) we will ever do such a trip again, but it was a special time for us as the Dueck 6. God's world is big, and it was great to see how beautiful (and hot!) it was in the DR, and to meet some of his children who so graciously served us at the Dreams La Romana Resort. But it is always great to come back to our beautiful NW Ontario bush!