Saturday, August 15, 2009

By Wisdom a House is built

Many of you have been asking, or probably if you haven't asked, are wondering "How is the house coming along?" A verse that we have on our fridge is "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established." Prov 24:3 While the context here isn't of actually building a physical house, the verse has definitely applied to our current situation, as we have sought much wisdom from many people and leaned heavily on God to guide us through this process.

And how is the process going? Well, it has seemed quite slow to start, with many delays in waiting for the plans to be finished resulting in actually pouring of the foundation only happening in mid July. Then there was further waits as our contractor Gerald (who is a great guy and being really helped us a great deal in planning the house) worked on a massive cottage project in the lake district north of here (it is amazing how many wealthy Americans spend obscene amounts of money on places they will spend about 2 months living in).

In the beginning of August they poured our porch, and then stamped it and colored it to make it look like slate rock. It really looks amazing. Here is how it works.

1. Sprinkle the color on the cement

2. Stamp the rock/rough look

3. Stamp the pattern of the bricks

4. Repeat all the way around the 1/2 the house!

The finished product looks really great, and we will put in a picture of that next time.

We also had fun putting our hand prints in the wet concrete, which is something none of us every thought we would do.

The most exciting part of the building project, is of course when you get to see walls. The framing crew arrived on Wednesday, and boy can they work fast!

Day 2 all interior walls up on main

Notice the stamped concrete in the front

Day 3 Main floor done and 2nd floor trusses up. This is how it looks as of today!

We are heading on vacation this week to see some of Lois' family in southern Ontario, so we will miss a lot of the changes that will happen in a week. But we are glad that things are progressing, that God has given us chances to learn patience, and for the many people who care enough to ask how things are going. (And of course the big question they all want to know is "When will you move in?" Answer "Hopefully before it gets really cold and snowy!")

God is good, we keep learning, the summer has been full of lots of other fun events like... celebrating my parent's 40th anniversary with everyone in Bemidji, MN, having our cat have 5 kittens, learning much through preaching "The Bible's Top 10" series, etc, helping with Vacation Bible School (thanks for the prayers, it went great!!), Caleb going to camp, going to Winnipeg, having guests over, and life just flies along.

We thank God for each day, and as the house goes up, we continue to remember that we have been saved by God, and for a reason.