Monday, February 4, 2008

A Poem

From Winnipeg
and down the coast of the west,
To Mexico City,
the Dueck 6 flew far from their little nest.

They trusted in God
and he helped them through,
all of their worries
and "what can we do's."

The 6 stayed at friends' houses
in yurts and hotels,
and please don't forget
those little motels.

Through many different climates
this family went
by oceans, forests and big moutains, that stood tall and proud
their craggy peaks bent.

This family struggled
like all familys do
with pride and selfishness, but for 5 months tried to fix those problems
and did pretty well too.

They had tons of fun
their smiles would shine
and I'm proud to say this family was mine!!!!

By Lorianne M. Dueck


Carmela said...

Lorianne, I always enjoy your posts! Welcome to Emo!

Sonia said...

You are amazing! Great Poetry!

Tante Sonia