Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday toooooo Me !!!!!!!!

The "Your Home is a Van News Birthday Edition"

By Lorianne M. Dueck

By the looks of this title you probably know exactly what this post is about. And with the picture it is really obvious that this post is all about ME!!! One thing you don't know (unless you were at my family party) is where we went. So go grab a cup of Tim Horten's coffee and get a load of this article!

It all started with the statement of "Mom, we never get to really celebrate my birthday. It's always like 'Happy Birthday Lorianne! Time to go to church.' We never actually celebrate my birthday on Christmas." After talking about it with dad, they decided that the 24th was to be Christmas and the 25th was Lorianneday!!!

What a Christmas it was! We cleaned garbage out from under a house!!! (If you have heard of a T.V. show called Dirty Jobs, this should have been one of them!)

Anyways, a few days before my birthday my parents, more like God, helped them find a place to go for my birthday. So on my birthday (Yes, we had High School Musical plates) my dad opened up the computer and showed me a picture of .............................. The Catamaran Resort!!!!! We were going there for the special Holiday brunch!!!
(Note:***In this picture I am not dancing with my fingers, I am just showing that I am 11!***)
So after breakfast we got dressed up and drove to the Catamaran. I had a special dress to wear since I was a Mexican Princess today (Mexicans like to have big parties and dress up)! The red dress in the first picture was my special party dress.
The Catamaran was a beautiful resort, right on Mission Bay. It was so fancy that they had parrots in their gardens! One could say hello and another could say peek-a-boo!
There was soooooooooooooooooo much good food there! Salad tables, chicken and potatoes, sausages, fruits, quiches, omelets and a lot more! I haven't even listed the desserts!

Hey, who put there arm in the picture! Well I guess fame just has its way with some people. In this picture it shows only part of the salad bar. Notice the ocean in the background? We saw surfers surf that morning too!
I only had 2 helpings of food. After that I was so full! After letting it settle we had dessert. There were cakes, tarts, a cobbler, donuts and little glasses with fruits and pudding.

There is my family. Don't they look like me?
A lady sitting next to us at brunch heard that I had a birthday so she walked over handed me a fiver and said "My son was born on January 3rd and he felt shorted out. This is for you in case you feel shorted out." I said thanks and was amazed because I didn't even know her! God blesses us all. Even as we are being blessed he blesses. Our waitress got her team to sing for me too. She even put candles on a piece of cake for me! Then my mom wrote Happy Birthday on it!

The fun doesn't stop there! We went back to our San Diego "condo" in the evening and we broke my Pinata! It was filled with all the unhealthy good brand candy!!! That was fun! Look at all that loot! What a great way to end the day. My parents told me that I would probably never have a party like this one again! Hope to hear your comments soon!!! See ya!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a party. I wish I could have been there to help you celebrate! Your Mom & Dad really know how to plan things. How will you ever go back to a normal life? No it will never be normal will always look for what God wants to do in your life. God's blessings don't look at age. Have a wonderful year and keep on writing.
xxoo u.henry & a. hilda

Arvid & Ruth said...

This is one birthday you will never forget! I am so happy for you that your day was so very extra special. Have an awesome year as your adventure with God continues.