Monday, December 10, 2007

Seeing the Signs

We are leaving LA tomorrow for San Diego, but before we go I wanted to pass on some humor and challenges that I have seen here these past few weeks. There is much glitz in this town, much to laugh at, and much sadness as well. From Hollywood to Skid Row, Los Angeles truly is a city of contasts.

I should of have bought this shirt.

She was probably younger than 25, selling bracelets on Venice Beach to earn enough money to buy an old RV so she wouldn't have to sleep on the streets.

He never aimed for worldy success, yet he has been seen on TV and heard around the world by probably more people than anyone else alive today.

We are collecting pictures like these for people we know, and this is the best one yet. (P.S. - Joseph misses being in your class Mr. Randy!)

We were truly shocked by the number of homeless people here. Pray that they will go to God for hope, and that you and I won't live the same way knowing that there are people out there whose entire life's possesions can fit in a shopping cart.

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