Sunday, November 4, 2007

Turning 7 years old on the Dunes

Our first of three kids birthdays on this trip happened this week as Joseph turned seven on November 1. After a very yummy breakfast of icing and seaworld sprinkles on a cinnamon raisin bagel and cereal, Joseph opened the cards that Conrad picked up when in Winnipeg and ours which revealed the birthday adventure of the morning. We headed to the Sandland Adventure Tours near Florence, OR to go on a sandland tour on their custom-made buggy. Brad was our driver and he harnessed us all into the car, gave us goggles, and let us experience the dunes in a fast and fun way. There are 47 miles of sand dunes and many thousands of acres of sand. Imagine that God knows how many grains of sand are there!!!! Later this day, we had a wiener roast with chips and cake, which was Joseph's choice for a meal. Joseph is officially 7 years old. Joseph also received birthday greetings via email which we opened when we could at a hotel on Saturday, Nov. 3. Thanks for the greetings! We were thankful to find a great outing for our car-loving, speed-loving kid right on his birthday! God is good and personal!!!

We also went for a hike on the dunes yesterday. Here are some shots of the fun we had, including Dad showing the kids the correct way to jump off the dunes!

P.S. In case you are wondering, that streak on the last pictures does come from a crack on the glass covering our camera lens. We won't be near a large town for awhile, so we can't get it fixed right away. We are thankful that we can still take pictures, and that God gives us the grace to recognize that stuff is just stuff, and not really that important.


The Laughing Rover said...

Neat pictures! What a cool adventure! and happy birthday, Joseph!

Henry Dueck said...

Thanks for the interesting reports. You are obviously having a great time. Did you see our footprints under those waterfalls? We were in '87, very nice. Are you going to the Grand Canyon too? If you do, stop in at the Walnut Canyon where people used to live on the side of the cliffs in caves. We stopped there with our kids in '78 on our way to Belize.

We are well. Had some snow this morning, but that's all gone. Blessings to you! And congrats on your new ministry assignment in Emo.

Henry (and for Marie too)

Anonymous said...

Hi to all of you!!!
And a special happy birthday to Joseph!!

My mum just send me your link and it's very interesting to read your stories. I also have a lot to tell. The biggest news first. I will marry next year. And where???????

IN CANADA!!!!!!!!

Yes, I'm very very happy and my family as well. They all send you the best wishes and congratulations to your new job in Emo.

I hope to hear from you soon. Till then I will continue to read your blog.

Have a nice and safe trip.

Christoph Preusser