Monday, November 19, 2007

Goodbye Oregon, Hello California

The "Your home is a Van News".

Reporter Lorianne M. Dueck

Hey, that's not right, in this post our van isn't always our home! Anyway, let's not let this post turn out like the Hoodoo one.

Before we had left Oregon, I made a party for my family. We had sandwiches, not that party-like but I set it up restaurant style. Yes, I like to make meals. That party turned out to be our goodbye Oregon party. I'll miss those Oregon state park signs, sniff. At our party we played Monopoly. We had bought it earlier that day at a Christian Thrift Store in almost mint condition to. I must confess to the public that I have always wanted a monopoly game. So that night we did #5 on the list of the top ten things to do in a yurt in Oregon. Oh, we have also done #10 - Do absolutely nothing!

Well, all Oregon coast must come to an end, and this one did too. Though sooner than the others. but we must keep moving forward. And in front of us was the long and thin golden state.


You'll never guess who was there to meet us. It was my storybook friend Paul Bunyan and his pet bull Babe. If you know the story they say he logged the whole of North Dakota. He probably went too far a couple times and got lower Manitoba and Saskatchewan too!!! It's a wonder that the Red woods are still there! Those people on the fence are us. My dad's only as big as his boot!

In California we stayed at Mr. Steve and Mrs. Jan's house. They treated us like their kids! Mrs. Jan cooked up a storm and let us play games and with bubbles while Mr. Steve rowed boats and did archery with the boys. He also let us steer his tractor and play with little toy cars!!! While we were there I started some Christmas presents. (I know it's early, but the supplies was there and I was SO exited) Mrs. Jan gave me wrapping paper and showed me and my mom a cool store where we could look for the materials that I needed to make my gifts.

This is Mr. Steve. He reads while we are playing with hot wheels tracks or playing Lego. And this is Mrs. Jan. She likes to cook. She made us pies and Rice Crispy cakes. She set up our rooms really nice and put M&Ms on our pillows!! We were sad when we had to go. We liked them alot and want to go back.
Well good bye for now and hope to hear your comments soon on "Your Home is a Van" News!


Arvid & Ruth said...

Great reporting Lorianne! I loved the party you made for your family. It sounds like you really enjoyed yurting in Oregon. And you still managed to find room in your van for a Monopoly game? Way to go!!


Anonymous said...

Wow Lorianne: You are an amazing writer but don't give up your day job of having lots of fun.

Your great uncle
William Martens and former Pastor