Monday, October 22, 2007

To God be the Glory: No longer Homeless and Jobless!

If anyone would have told me back the fall of 2006 that God would direct us on a journey of leaving a great ministry position at GMC, selling our home, deciding to go on a 5 month "Adventure with God" trip across N.A. (including Seattle -see above) with no knowledge of where we would end up, I would have said, "Sounds like a radical, faith-stretching experience which I don't know if I'm up for."

And then if they would have said that I would get a call the day after I resigned which would lead to us to community I had never heard of where there is a great, healthy church in search of a pastor, and that I would be able to candidate almost completely before we leave on our trip, and then find out via an email on my laptop while sitting in my hotel in Seattle (see below)less than 3 months after my job was done that the church had been completely united in calling me as their pastor, I would have said, "Now that is a miracle that I know only God could do."

Well, God has done the miracle, and shown his goodness and grace, and for most of you reading this, you have been praying along with us for God's leading to take place, and it has. The big question really is "Why is my (dare I say our) faith so small?" What has transpired in the lives of the Dueck 6 this past year demonstrates what all of us know to be true, yet often find so hard to believe - that when we submit ourselves to God, and step out in faith, he will be faithful.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is a verse I memorized years ago, but it now means so much more:
Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge Him,
and he will direct your paths.

The people of Calvary Baptist Church in Emo are excited about us arriving, and we are very excited that we know where will be going to serve God as a family when we finish our trip. We plan to be back in Winnipeg at the end of January, and spend some time with family and friends before moving out to Emo in the 2nd week of February. We hope to get settled into the parsonage and get the kids into school before I officially start work on February 18.

If you don't know what a parsonage is, it is a house owned by the church and given to the pastor to live in. The house is right in Emo, a block from the church, and it will be a great home for us as we settle into small town life and get to know people in town. We are still praying that God will in the near future provide for us some land and a house outside of town, which will allow for a garden, a place for the animals (including Lois' chickens!), and some forests for me and the boys to use to explore and hopefully build something out of.

So, while it was fun to say "We're homeless and jobless and loving it!" I am very thankful to now say "God has provided a new home for us where our family can grow to be all that he wants us to be, and provided a ministry position where I can use my gifts together with Lois to glorify God as we seek to equip his people for the extending of his kingdom."

Our God has done "exceedingly more than all we could ask or imagine." He is truly the main character of this story, and we are amazed as we look back and see his hand in everything, right down to our initial feelings of restlessness back in the spring of 2006. God is faithful, and he is to be trusted. We rejoice at his goodness, and praise him together with you for his kindess towards us his children.


Carmela said...

Remember the story of the angels who visited Abraham and Sarah and said, by this time next year you will have a baby? Remember what Sarah did? She laughed because she didn't believe it was possible. Let's face it, she was past childbearing age, Abraham was past the normal child-producing age. All earthly signs pointed to an impossibility. But with God all things are possible. He had great plans and great power to carry out those plans.

Well, when I found out Andrew & Melanie were leaving Emo, I prepared myself for a long time without a pastor. If someone had told me then that by the end of October, our church would have a new pastor in place, I would have laughed. Let's face it, Emo isn't exactly on the map. (honestly, there are smaller towns that are on the map and we're not!). While I love living here, I'm not deluding myself about the attractions of living here to someone used to, well, civilization. All earthly signs pointed to a near impossibility. But with God all things are possible. He had great plans and great power to carry out those plans.

Thanks be to God that he is not limited to earthly possibilities, but can do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine!

Conrad and Lois, we will continue to pray for you on your adventure and heartily look forward to your coming to join us in Emo, even if it isn't on the map!

andrew said...

Dueck 6 - Congratulations! We are very thankful for how God has led you and our church family. As we prepare to say "Goodbye!" to these people, God's faithfulness to you is an encouragement to us as we now enter a phase of life of going to the place that the Lord will show us.

Truly God does love his people and his church more than we ever can. Blessings!

Arvid & Ruth said...

Rejoicing with you at how God is leading you! Your story is such a reminder that God does answer prayer.
Continue to enjoy your adventure!


Anonymous said...

We are sooo excited for you guys!! Your Faith is always an example to me! We are all excited too, because you will not be living THAT far from us and Jasmin is already talking about visiting. I need to find Emo on a map, I have NO idea where it is...LOL!!!

God's Peace and Blessings as you continue on your Faith journey with Him!!

Love ya all lots!!!!