Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Spirit of God at Work on the Weekend

Well, the whirlwind weekend of flying, driving, crossing the border (2x each way), visiting, praying, speaking, sharing, and laughing is over. God again showed his love for our family and the work of his Spirit as he answered our two specific requests:

1. That He would be glorified as I shared "my story as a part of His story" in the candidating process at Emo. While I was in Emo for less than 24 hours, God was preparing everything in advance, including a 5 hour planned Hydro outage which made for a nice atmosphere (while it was a new concept to me, they said it happens a few times a year, and always on Sunday!). The church was full, the people were excited to hear what I had to say, and God allowed me to share of his goodnes in my life. I gave my testimony/faith story in the morning, we had a potluck lunch (if we do end up in Emo, I would encourage all our Wpg friends and family to come visit on potluck Sundays because these people really know how to throw a potluck!), and then I showed some pictures of the family. After that I shared my vision for church ministry, and the floor was opened for questions.

The whole weekend was amazing, but what really demonstrated to everyone there that God's hand was at work were the questions asked by a 10(?) year old girl. I don't know her name, but after she asked a nice intro questions and a few others in the crowd asked some personal and theological questions, she asked two questions which blew us all away: "If you came to our church what would you change about our service?" And then a little later she put up her hand again and asked, "What do you think of small groups?" I think most of us were somewhat stunned by her questions (especially her mother!), but they truly were God-designed questions that once answered, helped the church see more of what I was about.

2. That Lois and the kids would have a great time in Abbotsford without me. God has his children all over the world and two of them who we didn't really know until last Thursday are Rudy and Uli Janzen. They own a farm about 5 minutes from the airport (which made for a very easy pickup and drop off for me!), and together with their brother Walter they graciously hosted our family and loved them well. They fed the family, entertained the kids with horse rides, scooter rides, and tractor rides, and took them to church. God graciously used them to bless us, and in his Providence allowed us to bless them just by being us!

So thank you all for praying, both for myself and for the rest of the Dueck 6. The members of Calvary Baptist Church will be voting this coming Sunday on whether or not they sense God has chosen us to be their next Pastor couple. And the way God has been leading, and with the feedback we have already received, we pray that we will be getting a very positive email on Sunday afternoon.

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