Friday, October 26, 2007

Living in "The Valley of Blessing"

Have you ever found yourself living in the Valley of Blessing? Living in a place where God is worshipped, Christ is glorified, people love each other and serve with a joyful heart, God's creation is awe inspiring, food is abundant, and there is a putt-putt course?

A putt-putt course? Yes that's right, and not only that but a Frisbee golf course, 3 gyms, nature trails, and a fireplace in the dining lodge!

Berachah is the Hebrew word meaning valley of blessing, and we truly have been blessed by the amazing staff here at this 160 acre Christian camp near Auburn, Washington. As a Pastor family, we were welcomed to stay in the Hillside Lodge, given two rooms, and all our meals for the "fee" of $10 a night! Because there was no one else staying at the lodge during our entire stay, we literally had the whole 2 floor, 78 room building, plus use of a large conference room (and big screen TV to watch movies!) all to our self.

On Monday morning of this week we didn't know where we would be staying after leaving Seattle on Tuesday. But God always knows what his kids need. We found the info for this Camp in the Focus on the Family Pastor Resource book, and the camp graciously welcomed us on short notice. While we have been here we have met many people from Oregon, where we will be travelling to today, and they have given us suggestions and ideas of where to stay. So when we leave here at noon we will be heading to Silver Falls State Park, where there are two room cabins to rent for a reasonable rate, and a hiking trail that leads to 10 waterfalls, some of which you can actually go behind and walk under! Should be fun.

God is truly amazing. We are seeking to live faithfully for him and again and again he astounds us with his goodness and grace. Just in case you think it is all rosy, we still have issues as a family, including some this morning, which we have to work and pray through. It goes to show that we are still very much sinners in need of a savior.

So we say with the Apostle Paul "Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord." (1 Corinthians 1:31) Our hope is in the cross, our joy is in the cross. God is bringing me to a greater understanding of how much we as a family need Christ, and just how truly great a Savior he is. We seek to live in a manner that points others to Him, and we are thankful that we are having fun and growing to love each other more. Enjoy celebrating Christ in your home, and may you find much to rejoice in!

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