Monday, October 22, 2007

Kids Interviews! Read' em While There Here!

The "Your Home is a Van News"
Reporter: Lorianne M. Dueck

Here in Seattle (literally the World's Biggest Car Wash), I have had the chance to interview the Dueck 6 about what they have enjoyed about this wacky weathered place. And here they are!!!!
Hello Dueck 6!
Hi Lorianne!

I'm here to interview you, so who would like to go first? Anyway, how about you start Stephen.

Okay Stephen what did you enjoy about Seattle?
I liked the Space Needle.
You mean that big pointy building in the picture?


Now why did you like it?

Well it was cool and really high. I also liked the pointy thing on the top.

That's nice.
I know!

Any thing else?

Yes I liked shopping for my animal buddies.

Who are they?

Well there is Twitch the Hamster and Iggy the Chameleon.
Great! Thanks Stephen

Here's Joseph. What did yo like Jo?

The yummy food at the hotel. I could have waffles every day!

I agree. I joined you for breakfast more than once and the bacon and eggs were supurb!!! Is that all?
I liked lots of other stuff to but thats all I want to say.
Thanks Joseph.

Now onto Caleb. What did you like Caleb?
I enjoyed the Arcade and the World War II Exibit at the Museum of Flight.

Sounds cool. I knew you would say Arcade.
Yes. And we actually won some stuffed animals!
Thats wonderful.

I personaly enjoyed almost everything, but a few highlights were the Aquarium, the Zoo and the High School Musical Play. In the Aquarium we saw an octopus and got to touch animals in the touch pools. The Zoo had many cool animals!!! Zebras and Elepants, Hippos and Wild Dogs, Bats and Boas, they all show how amazing God is. High School Musical was a great evening activity that I really enjoyed with my mom.

Well it is time to interview the parents. Here they are. Hello! What did you enjoy so far Mrs Dueck?

I enjoyed the walk along the beach and looking at shells. The touch pools were also very interesting. I enjoyed the things we did that included the ocean. These things are new to me since I am a Prarie Girl.

Thank you. And here's Mr Dueck.

I enjoyed the Mars Hill Church. Actually, we came to Seattle specifically so we could attend this church. I really wanted to hear Mark Driscoll preach in person, which God was gracious enough to allow. The sermon was very good, as he talked about how suffering is there for the purpose of God to work in us and through us. He is a very godly preacher.

Yes he is. But I am NOT into really loud music. The floor was even vibrating!!

Well thats all the interviews for now. Thanks Duecks!!

Bye Lorianne!

What a nice family.
Well, would you look at that, the sun is shining in Seattle! I'd better leave while it is. See you next time on the "Your Home is a Van News"

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