Monday, September 24, 2007

Seeing God's grace in a pile of wood

An ordinary pile of wood or an example of a gracious and loving God? I will tell you the story and you decide.

We were travelling from Edmonton to Drumheller where we are now camping for a few days. As I was driving along I noticed lots of dead trees, which would make really good firewood. Why was I looking for firewood you ask? Well some campgrounds have free firewood and others don't, and the place we were going charged for its wood. I really hate paying for firewood (must come from my thrifty Mennonite roots or the fact I usually camp in the bush where you can have all the wood you want for nothing), and wasn't looking forward to buying a small bag for $5. So there I was travelling down the highway being envious of all the wood I saw on other people's property.

Now envy is a sin, as is greed and just plain selfishness. God, in his gracious way, reminded me through a conversation with Lois that rather than complain about a situation or wish it different, I should be praying. So I stopped looking greedily at all the dead wood just standing there, and prayed as I was driving that God would somehow provide wood for us so that we could enjoy lots of fires with our family, and keep warm. Whether we found some somewhere or the campground did something different, I didn't know how God would answer my prayer. And to be honest, I figured he wouldn't.

So upon arriving at our campground we set up, and I noticed lots of dead branches around. I built a small fire and then went to the office to buy more wood. I asked the staff about using the branches I saw around, and if there was any way else to get wood (without paying!). When I mentioned that I was camped right next to what looked like their excess wood pile, they said that I could have as much of it as I wanted! Thats right - I didn't have to go drag it out of the bush, it was already piled neatly, and there were even saw horses around to cut up the big pieces.

God is sovereign, and he is also very kind. Do we have the money to pay for wood? Of course. But God chose to show himself to be gracious and resourceful, and to teach me to not be envious or greedy, and to remind me that he answers prayers. And he did that all through a pile of wood.

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Carmela said...

It's so interesting to read your posts and follow you guys on your adventure! Thanks for the deeper thoughts that accompany the updates. Sounds like you're having a great time!
Carmela Klug from Emo