Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the Road, going West!

Well, it has finally happened. The downsizing is all completed, the bags are all packed, the van is stuffed to the gills, and we are on our way! While we truly have been on an "Adventure with God" for a few weeks already, today was the day we said goodbye to our families and left Winnipeg behind. We are in Regina now, and will be heading to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan tomorrow to spend a week or so with NCEM, Northern Canada Evangelical Mission. They are putting us up in the Missionary Guest house for the weekend, and then we hope to spend time with the Bekkatla's, our Tadoule Lake connection. We don't know what we will all be doing, but God does, so it should all be good!

The kids are excited, we are very happy to be finished packing up (after 6 weeks!), and everything we needed fits in the van. We had a great picture of us with all our gear, but one thing that didn't make it along was the cable for our camera, so I can't download any pictures. I am sure we have forgot more stuff, but since we aren't far from shopping, we can aways restock.

(Sept 21 - The beauty of Blogging - here is a picture now that I have the cord!)

Stay tuned for reports from our travelling circus! And please pray, because we have started homeschooling!


Rose said...

I can see your energy and enthusiasm just oozing out in this post. Enjoy Saskatchewan!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from overcast Winnipeg. I am just picturing you guys on the road....the happy Dueck clan!!! My prayer for you today is safe travels, a rewarding homeschooling day, and some exciting new experiences!!!! Lord, give Lois the patience she needs to homeschool and the kids to have a teachable spirit!!


ps....making lots of banana bread today(with chocolate chips). Wish I could BLOG you some!!