Saturday, September 29, 2007

News Flash: Hobos found living in the Hoodoos!

The "Your Home is a Van" News
Reporter: Lorianne M. Dueck

At the Hoodoos, an attraction site in the Alberta Badlands of wind carved rocks shaped like mushrooms a family of 6 was found. Since this was a hobo family I just couldn't help suspecting that they had settled in and started living there. Unusually, they had a van. I didn't know that hobos had cars. Hey wait a minute, I've seen that van in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and sometimes in the U.S.A. That van is their home!! I'm sorry this article is wrong! These are hobos who live in a van, (I still don't see how that works) and are visiting the Hoodoos on their long trip. The stickers on their Yakima tell a lot about where they have been. These parents must love their kids a lot to take them from Manitoba to Alberta. I've heard of the Dueck family and hear that they are doing a long trip. Maybe, just maybe I will be allowed to type out another article!
This photo shows that the hobo children had a lot of fun by the Hoodoos. There are four of them, one is hiding behind the girl. The one kid is looking at his sister and smiling at her pose. I think he looked at the wrong time. What a handful for the parents. I wouldn't want to be by that crowd in a fight or an argument.
Well, thanks for reading, even though this article is wrong, and hope to hear your comments next time on the "Your Home is a Van" Newspaper.


Janelle's Friends! said...

Excellent reporting Lorianne! Great to hear about your travelling adventures. Keep up the good reporting.

Anonymous said...

You make a great reporter Lorianne!

Love BCF

Anonymous said...

Anonymous thinks you are awesome!

It's lots of fun learning about your travels from your reports. Keep up the good writing and give those brothers a big hug from Omi & Opi. His surgery went well. Thanks for your prayers. We pray for you often and are enjoying the adventures with you. Give our love toyour mom & dad. Omi & Opi

H&H said...

You are a great reporter Lorianne.It sounds like you are having fun, and giving your mom & dad a headache once in a while.
Hey, this trip was their idea, wasn't it?
God bless.
henry & hilda