Saturday, September 22, 2007

Me at the WEM Wave Park: by Lorianne

Hi, it's me Lorianne, you know the girl in the picture in the World's biggest Water Mall seconds before crashing into my Dad who is taking the picture! Yep, thats me. I got the honours of writing on the blog about the Water Park, so here goes.

While staying at the mall we had the chance to spend the whole day at the water park. As we were changing us kids were just itching to go! When we finally got out we were just amazed at what we saw, waterslides everywhere!! The whole front part of the park was set up like a beach! The slides were great but for me personaly the Wave Pool was the best. Every 20 minutes a horn blared and the waves started to come in. When we all tried to hold hands and go over the waves it was a race against time to get on the tubes in time! Mom spent most of her time quietly walking on the beach or walking in the water while the boys loved the water slides. Caleb and Joseph really liked the Skyscreamer, the red slide in the pichture.

What a great way to spend a day as a family!!!

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