Saturday, September 22, 2007

Living in a Fantasy!

As a family we went from staying with friends to living it up at the Fantasyland Hotel this past week. For two nights we lived in the World's Biggest Mall, and we enjoyed it immensely! The hotel has a special theme on each floor, and the kids loved exploring them and choosing a favorite.

The hotel also had bunk beds, so everyone got a bed, even if they had to share.

The mall itself was fun. Not that we are serious shoppers (okay, Lorianne is but the rest of us aren't!), but the attractions were great. The kids loved the big pirate boat (we got to go on it for free), the seal show was a lot of fun, and we all even went bowling at the arcade. As parents we discovered that our kids like different things: Caleb started getting into hockey cards and would still love more video games, Joseph loves guinea pigs and bought a Playmobil set of them, and Stephen liked a lot of stuff, but didn't buy much. Lorianne could shop all day and still not have enough time, so we are grateful that she has limited disposable income. I bought a few stickers for my big trip project: to decorate our Yakima roof top carrier so we look like one of those really cool travelling vans that has been all over the country! Lois bought a few little things, but together with what we have received as gifts so far, we will soon be having to mail our first box home!

I am thankful that our kids are great listeners and could spend two days in this shopping mecca without getting much and not complaining. We went in and out of all sorts of stores, and they came when called, and never got lost. In a society that is fixated on the idol of materialism, the 800 stores at WEM are a big temptation for many people. Thankfully God has given us much greater joys in life than accumulating stuff, and the reality is, all of us have much more than we need already. See 1 Timothy 6:8 for a great reminder that we all have what we need to be content.

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