Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Dueck 6 go Canoe Camping!

I love the bush, and being out on an island in the middle of no where with just Lois and the kids is my idea of a really good time. So when we, for the first time as just the Dueck 6, went on a three portage, three lake canoe trip last week, it was a big highlight. And the great thing was that it was fun for the the whole family, not just for this bass fish loving dad. We worked together as a team hauling all our gear, survived a rainstorm, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, played games, and caught lots of fish. God was gracious in that there were no injuries (outside of a bass getting me caught in the same hook he was caught in!), there was no one else on the lake, and everyone had a positive attitude.

Because there are 6 of us, we actually needed two canoes to haul everyone and our stuff. Besides this being the first time we went without other adult support, it was also the first time we held a "Dad vs. Kids" Fishing Derby. Everyone tried their best, all the kids caught at least one fish, but Dad still managed to come out on top, catching 12 fish to the kids 10. Since I am competitive, I am happy I won, but I was also happy to discover that Lorianne is very competitive, which should make these contests even more fun in the the future!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

Lorianne and Caleb did a great job of helping us paddle.

Stephen's first ever fish!

Caleb, Lorianne, and Joseph worked together over two days to chop through this log.

At Lois' recommendation, here is the Dueck 6 mascot, the turtle, which reminds us that we need to SLOW DOWN!

God creates families, and God created a beautiful world that he wants them to enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

September 7/07
Hi Dueck6,
What a trip when we're travelling with God. As God brings you to remembrance[the e-mails help] we have prayed for you in the past months, and are encouraged by these latest developements. God is good and oh so merciful....to think He would provide for you before you leave. I'm sure there are a lot of prayers of thanksgiving for this developement. Trust Sunday will be a special blessing.
Your country pumpkins....
Henry & Hilda