Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Ups and Downs of living the Hobo Life

First off, a big thanks to all you who have been praying for us over the past month. While we have not officially left on our big Adventure with God, the challenges of living in a variety of different spots (we moved into our fourth "home" in less than a month yesterday), downsizing our life's possesions so that they can fit into a van with a roof top carrier (we bought a Yakima Skybox 16 from Gord's Cycle which my brother graciously tested for us in a tornado near Grand Forks this weekend - it did great!) have required patience, endurance, and a family that is gracious towards one another.

God has extended his love and grace towards us in many ways: generous family members who have allowed us to stay at their homes, friends who have invited us over for meals (and even sent home leftovers and gifts!), great mini-vacations where we could get away and recharge, and good communication between Lois and I.

As we continue on in our journey, I would ask that you pray for me in some specific ways. Yesterday was a challenging day, and Lois reminded me that I am not used to being with our four kids 24/7. Normally I would go to work, and have 8+ hours a day where I set the agenda, choose how to spend my time, etc. That is not the case anymore. While God has blessed us with great kids, they are sinners, and their selfish nature combined with my own sinful selfish nature has resulted in me not communicating in love as much as I should. So please pray that I will be able to extend grace as needed, discipline in love as needed, communicate my frustrations kindly and gently to Lois, and that God would give me wisdom to know when I need to just take a break and have some personal down time.

I truly desire to lead my family in a way that honors and glorifies God, brings us closer together as a team, and gives us opportunity to bring joy to others and point them to Christ, the true source of hope. We have learned much already this past month, and I know God has much more learning in store for the Dueck 6 as we head out on the road in the coming weeks.
And I am very excited that we will be heading out in a few hours to live on an island in Nopoming Park till Friday. We are looking forward to some warm days to relax, enjoy a great time of canoe camping just as a family, and catch a lot of smallmouth bass!

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