Monday, August 6, 2007

Green Pastures, Still Waters, and a Challenge

Dauphin Bible Camp hosted a Family Camp this past weekend and the Dueck 6 experienced the green pastures and still waters that the Lord our shepherd promises his people in Psalm 23. No meals to cook, amazing activities (table hockey, archery, pellet gun shooting and horseback riding for everyone, including Stephen!), freedom to be outside as a family, multiple tournaments (Caleb was the camp Rock, Paper, Scissor Champ) and great times of worship. Lois connected with old friends from her teenage years and I got introduced to "Ghetto Ball" a version of tennis which was a lot of fun.

As a family we were challenged by the camp speaker, a missionary from New Tribes Mission. He spoke from 2 Corinthians 2-5 and reminded me of what I am, and what I have:

  • I am insufficient, yet God parades me in front of the world because I have his glory in Christ in me (2:14).

  • I am the fragrance of God to those around me, because I have the knowledge of him (2:14).

  • I am not competent in myself, but I have competence that comes from God alone ( 3:4-5).

  • I am created by God and saved by his grace, and I have knowledge of the glory of God (4:6).

  • I am a fragile, insignificant jar of clay, yet I have the greatest treasure to share with the world (4:7).

  • I am a new creation with a job and a mission- to be an ambassador of Christ, because I have been forgiven of my sins and reconciled to God, and have been given the ministry of reconciliation (5:17-20).

Our family won't quickly forget all the fun we had this weekend. And I pray that we won't forget who we are and what we have, and the mission that we are on.

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