Friday, August 10, 2007

Details of our Adventure

The "Adventure with God" that we as family are taking has actually been going on for years, since God ordains all of our days - Psalms 139. However, the specific events that have led up to the creation of this blog are as follows:
  • In Spring 2006 Lois and I felt the need to pray and fast about the future plans God has for us as a family.

  • On our anniversary weekend we discerned that God wanted us to do ministry together more as a couple, specifically in the area of marriage, family, and prayer.

  • Throughout the summer and fall of 2006 we came to the conclusion that God was leading me to resign from my position as Pastor of Children's Ministries at Gospel Mennonite Church.

  • On Dec 10 I announced my resignation in church, and many people both affirmed the ministry that we had done as a family, and our desire to do future ministry together.

  • Some time in early 2007 Lois gets the idea from God to go on a big trip with our family to regroup and reconnect after years of me going to school and her having babies.

  • This past spring I focused on finishing well at GMC and thus we didn't look for a new job.

  • Our family gets excited about the idea of a 5 month "Adventure with God," and we plan out a very loose itinerary: west to B.C., down to California, across to Phoenix to spend Christmas with the extended Dueck clan, and down to Mexico City to visit Lois' cousin who is a missionary there, before returning back to Winnipeg at the end of January, 2008

  • Our church blesses us with a great farewell party, and I finish 10 years of great ministry on July 31, 2007. God blessed us with a great church family, gave me the opportunity to use my gifts, and drew all of us closer to Himself.

  • In August we are now doing some camping and home renovation projects for Lois' family (who are graciously letting us camp out at there places!), before spending the September Long weekend at my folks place and then heading on the road!

Many of you will probably have known most of these details already, but you might not know exactly what we hope to gain by being homeless, jobless, and on the road for 5 months. Here is what we as a couple are praying for, and we would ask that you join is in prayer as well.

Please pray that God would:

  • grow our family into a dynamic ministry team that enjoys serving God together and just being a family,

  • give us many fun, relaxing times together, filled with memory making sights and joy filled challenges,

  • open our children's eyes to the grace he has shown them by putting them in a family with four siblings, and that they would grow to love being a part of the Dueck 6,

  • allow us to experience and learn from different cultures and people groups,

  • bless us with great times of worship and learning as we go to church as a family (something which doesn't happen often when Dad is a pastor!),

  • protect us from harm, and use us to bring glory to his Name.

Feel better informed now? I hope so! Knowing that this is what God wants us to do, and that there are people praying for us, makes going on this Adventure with God that much more of an amazing experience.


build-a-house said...

Hey Duecks! I love reading your blog. It's great to see how God is leading your family.

Rose said...

Thanks for sharing your details with us! I will look forward to following your adventures in the next months!