Friday, June 22, 2007

The Dueck 6 Revealed

So who are the Dueck 6 you ask?
Well, we are a family that God has brought together for his amazing purposes. Through 14 years of marriage God has blessed Lois and I with four great kids, lots of life experiences, good times and hard times, joys and sorrows. We love to travel, we love to learn, and we desire to serve God as a family team.
Let me introduce you to the team:
Lois- An amazing, hard working woman who loves to read books that feed the soul, enjoys her quiet time with God, is a great mom, and is the one who first suggested that we embark on this crazy adventure!
Lorianne - A very smart and creative 10 year old girl who has lots of friends in her Grade 5 class at Princess Margaret School. She loves all things cat related, is a serious cheese fanatic, enjoys making forts for her little brothers, and desires to always do what is right.
Caleb - Our 8 year old oldest son, he is in Grade 2 and is very hard working, and a fan of Star Wars Lego and being a goofball! He loves routine, is very responsible in feeding his fish, likes reading books (including the Bible), and wishes he had a Nintendo DS.
Joseph - The athelete in the family, he loves to run, play soccer, make noises, and play any kind of game. He has a smile which can light up a room, and is a great friend to all his Kindergarten classmates.
Stephen - The life of the party, our 4 year old always has a little toy of some type to join him in his imaginary play. He loves to be silly, crank up the music and dance, play with his siblings, give and get hugs and kisses, and has been blessed by God with a huge load of self confidence.
and Me - a soon to be "retired" Children's Pastor who enjoys being married to Lois, learning how to help the family work as a team, teaching and encouraging other Christ followers (including kids), and deepening my relationship with our holy and awesome God. Fishing and wilderness canoeing bring me joy, and travelling for days with my family in mini-van is a privilege.
Want to know more? Well you will soon, as we continue to update what is all taking place, both as we get ready to end off our time in Winnipeg and at Gospel Mennonite Church, and as we travel on our 5 month Adventure with God beginning in September.